Where are you located?

  • I’m based in Charlotte, NC, USA.

What all do you do?

  • Training: Fitness training and fitness coaching in body weight fitness, calisthenics, mobility, balance, and yoga. Individuals, Private Groups, Events, and workshops 
  • Wellness: Helping others understand a balanced approach to a healthier lifestyle, how to stay motivated, and holistically approach their goals.
  • Consulting: I help other trainers come up with ways to grow their businesses, market themselves, and continue their certification education.

Can you come to my event or hold a workshop in my city?

  • Travel workshops and events are a big part of what I do in spreading knowledge and helping others. Whether it’s another city in NC, on the other side of the States, or in another country, I’m happy to talk to you about coming up with a plan for a fitness session, workshop, and or taking part in your event.

Can you make a meal plan for me?

  • I provide nutritional guidance and I can tell you the way you should generally be eating/drinking. I can even guide you on meal-prepping if that approach helps you. However, I don’t personally believe in sticking to a restrictive meal plan, eating a certain way temporarily, or dieting. If you feel that you need strict meal planning then you should consult a registered dietitian or nutritionist.

What is your body fat percentage?

  • It really varies depending on how busy I am with client training, consulting, travel, and non-fitness life. Typically it’s between 8.5% and 11%, depending on how much time I have for my personal workouts.

Are you accepting personal training, fitness, and yoga clients?

  • Yes, definitely! One of our Atomic Fitness Mobile trainers will be happy to work with you on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Are your training rates and sessions really expensive?

  • Not at all. I do have standard rates, but I’ve never ever turned anyone away because of money. I’m always willing to work with anyone who’s serious about getting fit, learning how to start, or just wanting to add variety to their routine.

Can I train with you if I live in another city or country?

  • I work with clients all around with country and different parts of the world on wellness coaching and personal training. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, email, and Skype/Facebook messenger then that’s all we need.

Are you too busy travelling to train me?

  • Not at all. I’m in Charlotte and surrounding 95% of the time. For some reason, people assume I’m always on the road, but I’m not. When I do travel, I make arrangements with clients so they’re able to stay on track toward their goals.

I’m already in pretty good shape. I don’t need personal training, but I just want to change my workout, can you help me?

  • Sure I can. We can put together an Online Program where I create a customized routine for you to switch up what you’re doing.

If I train with you, do we have to do handstands, advanced yoga, and all the crazy stuff I see you doing on Facebook and Instagram?

  • Absolutely not! What I do with clients is completely different from the advanced things you see me post. I work with clients on a routine for their specific level.

Do you ever take steroids and should I take them?

  • I’m almost flattered to even get this question, but nope. I’m honestly not even that big!  I’ve never tried steroids and they just aren’t something I would ever do. I rarely even recommend standard supplements to my clients to get to their goals. Ultimately, as an adult, it’s your body, so research the risks and benefits of using steroids. If you feel like you need them for your goals, you should make whatever decision you feel is best for you.

What events do you have coming up?

  • I try to keep the Events page of JayAtom.com updated with my travel workshops and events, but feel free to leave a comment or message if you’re not sure.