My Story

In 2013, I had an awakening. Frustrated with how I felt being overweight, unhealthy, & constantly tired, I decided to take the most important step in fitness. I decided to simply START. I dove into the simplest and most effective exercises & techniques. I researched what worked & what didn't work. My research opened my eyes to the fact that most fitness routines simply are not effective for most people.

In 2015 my passion evolved & I started Jay Atom Fitness. Not satisfied with the standard personal training and fitness models available, I wanted to provide something different for my clients. Something more sustainable & long-term. To give my clients the same information I'd taken over a year to discover, refine, & perfect.

As I continued to learn more & explore, my journey on the path of the yogi began. Offering my clients a more balanced approach, I began incorporating many elements of Vinyasa & Power Yoga into my fitness program. This new addition fully rounded out my fitness philosophy. Approaching the physical, mental, & emotional aspects. From Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Speed, Growth, & Power.

Now join me as I continue on my own journey. And allow me to help you reach your personal goals. Let me help you Live Your Life Outside! 

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now"

-- chinese proverb